Long Term Adventure Travel PodcastJonny Blair has been on the road for 10 years

He’s gone everywhere and he writes about it

He can find a job anywhere

…and the stories are unreal

If you want to see the world

This is the mindset to make it happen

Jonny Blair on the Love Affair Travel podcast with Ian Robinson

“Anyone can do any thing if you want it.” (Click to Tweet)

Travel Topics:

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  • How Jonny got started on his 10 year journey
  • How much money Jonny saved for the 10 year journey
  • How picking apples in Tasmania got Jonny to Antarctica
  • What separates long term travelers from the still
  • On the perils of international travel
  •  On the road less traveled.
  • The key to a successful travel blog
  • Personality traits of  successful travel bloggers
  • From travel jobs to entrepreneurship
  • Getting to Antarctica
  • How to do the Inca Trail
  • How a Northern Irish man sees world peace and how travel impacts his perspective
  • Much More Lovely Stuff

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