Long Term Adventure Travel PodcastChoosing entrepreneurship is an adventure in it’s self

Choosing entrepreneurship and travel is an extra challenge

Mark Manson did both

His story involves massive struggle…

but the other side of it is hugely rewarding.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mark Manson

Mark Manson of the Love Affair Travel podcast with Ian Robinson

Travel Topics:

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  • The Psychological Challenges of Solo Entrepreneurship
  • Seeing Down Times as Opportunities
  • What if I really went for it?
  • Seeing Entrepreneurship as a Long Term Investment in Ones-Self
  • Profiting while Traveling in Europe
  • Reaching Escape Velocity
  • What it’s like learning to love living in Russia
  • Why living in New Countries Shifted his Perspective of Masculinity and Femininity
  • All the other Lovely Stuff

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